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Simmper Virtual Reality 3D Headset with Built-in Headphones Review

A virtual reality headset is the most crucial part of your 3D viewing experience that amplifies the action for you – when playing games or watching movies. Today the question of interest within the technology realm is whether these can completely partner your phone and make it convenient to use?  3D VR Headset Simmper Glasses Helmet with built-in headphones provide the ultimate high performance. Do you want a shocking 3D experience? Find out more about this integrated smart headset.


Impressive Design


The primary need when looking to purchase a 3D VR headset is to opt for the one that is lightweight. Not just does the Simmper 3D VR headset score as being almost weightless (at just 3 pounds!), which is seemingly less than most others in the line. The adjustable straps help decrease pressure around your eyes, so you can wear it for even longer hours.


Watch movies or play games without the discomfort as Simmper 3D headset’s ventilation prevents any kind of sweating or overheating. So, even when your phone is placed inside it will continue working effectively for longer.


There is this semi-transparent cover where you can place your augmented reality (AR) supportive phone.


Adjustability features


The quality lens glasses of the Simmper VR headset are designed using Japanese technology. At a focal distance of 35mm the headset provides a 120-degree view field. It generates an optimal VR immersion. The 3D headset is incredibly adjustable that allows users with myopia to change its settings easily.


The best part is that users so not need to wear glasses with this headset as it adjusts to normal viewing easily. The Dioper adjustment on the side caters to this facility. Also, the graphics can be easily synchronized using the instant wheel on the side.


Compatible with iOS and Android phones


To be able to use the effectively, all you need to do is place your AR supported phone. It is easy to set up AR in your phone. There are plenty of apps available in the iPhone and Android stores designed to be compatible with your iOS, Android, and even PC.


One huge plus with that the model comes with a headphone. None of your actions will seem real without proper sound. The headphone has an amazingly clean treble and bass. The audio experience that you have with this VR headset is the best ever.


There are adjustable headband and headphone buttons to control the volume, play/pause, and even answer phone calls.


Affordability and verdict


The product is highly feasible as you can opt for great design and comfort along with enriched feature at a cost effective price. The attractive pricing of the product has made it incredibly alluring to buyers. At the price, you do not get touch-enabled controllers.


Score    8.5/10